Sarah S. Guilbeaux

I’m a tender-hearted queer femme with a passion for capturing the moments you’re never going to forget.

I want to make you feel comfortable on your wedding day and to know that I’ve got you covered. Your memories are safe with me.

I absolutely love helping women feel comfortable in their bodies and seeing them in all of their power. I offer boudoir shoots and portraiture that reflect the truest you- how you see yourself, how I see you.

I’m an empath, a Pisces dreamer, intuitive to the core. I can read your mind! Jk jk (kinda).

I offer tons of direction during our shoots together so you can ease into being in front of the camera and get the best results possible.

I feel especially dedicated to women, queer and non binary folks, and POC. If something feels out of your price range and you belong to one or all of these demographics please let me know and we can work something out.

I am a firm believer that everyone deserves gorgeous photos of themselves and their loved ones.

Photo by  Hannah Rimm

Photo by Hannah Rimm